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About the Bar Ilan MBA Program

Bar Ilan University's International 1-year MBA is Israel's oldest English MBA program. Since 1997, students from all over the world have come to Bar Ilan's IMBA program to gain practical skills and learn to apply them in an increasingly interconnected world market.

The program provides students the kind of global perspective necessary to succeed in international business. The ensemble faculty brings together leading professors from across the globe, creating an MBA program that is truly international.

Flexible Learning

The Bar Ilan MBA program is designed with the working student in mind. Classes are scheduled for Monday evenings and Friday mornings – outside of normal business hours – giving students the chance to learn without dropping their current commitments.

Whether you’re interning to help lay the foundations for your career, working in a full-time position, or simply want to be able to explore the country and learn Hebrew while you study, the Bar Ilan MBA program enables you to earn your degree without taking a year off from life.

China Business Tour

In keeping with the IMBA's international character, students have the opportunity to take part in a study tour of China to better understand the world's largest economy. The study tour includes classes in one of China's leading universities and visits to Chinese businesses, giving participants the chance to learn about the world's leading exporter.

The Complete Package

Success in business requires more than knowledge and judgment. To thrive in the market, entrepreneurs must be able to effectively connect with any and every audience – from employees to customers to investors and potential partners.

To that end, the IMBA program has teamed up with Bar-Ilan’s School of Communication and Humanities to provide a platform for extra training in business communication and English as a second language. By the time candidates have finished their MBA in Israel, they will have a solid foundation in communications that will give them confidence in public speaking and prepare them to write in fluent business English.

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